511 Bay Area Trip Planner

511 Apps

511 Mobile

The 511.org website and its accompanying app are designed to help people get anywhere in the Bay Area using public transit. From the Way Finder to real-time updates, this one-stop transit site has it all. You can call 511 for transit info for all nine Bay Area counties.


SamTrans Apps – A list of iOS and Android apps for SamTrans.

Google Maps Transit – Use Google Transit to plan your trip on SamTrans.

SamTrans Summer Youth Pass – The ideal ticket to summer freedom!

Twitter – @GoSamTrans –  The official Twitter account for SamTrans.


Caltrain Real-Time departure info (homepage in the right column).

Caltrain Apps – A Comprehensive list of Caltrain Apps

Caltrain Commute Calculator – Calculate your cost of driving.

Twitter – @Caltrain– The official news and information account for Caltrain.

Twitter – @GoCaltrain – The official events account for Caltrain.

Twitter – @CaltrainStatus – Crowd-sourced Caltrain updates (unofficial).


APTA Fuel Savings Calculator – Calculate how much you could save by taking Public Transit.

Carbon Savings Calculator – Calculate your carbon footprint.

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