By Alex Eisenhart  |  @AlexOnTransit

Caltrain customers who use a bike to access Santa Clara Station can now enjoy more secure bike parking following the installation of 12 new electronic bike lockers. Riders can store their bike for just 5 cents/hour with a re-loadable BikeLink card, which can be purchased at

The locker spaces, valued at $3,500 each, were purchased through a partnership with grant funding provided by Capitol Corridor. With the lockers now installed, Caltrain will cover the operating and maintenance costs moving forward.

Unlike Caltrain’s existing keyed lockers, the electronic lockers provide greater usability and efficiency by serving customers on a first-come-first-serve basis rather than being reserved for only one user at all times. Santa Clara’s newly installed lockers are conveniently close to the station platform, minimizing total travel time, and are placed in a well-lit area with plenty of foot traffic to further deter theft or tampering.

Additional bike parking at Santa Clara is critical as the station currently has the system’s longest waiting list for reserved keyed lockers. As ridership continues to increase throughout the region, Caltrain will continue to install electronic bike lockers and other bike parking solutions at stations in an effort to provide more sustainable commute solutions for Caltrain customers who also ride their bikes.



  1. Caltrain ought to replace _all_ its 819(*) horribly underutilized keyed bike lockers with BikeLink eLockers such as this. Instead of annually renting a key to a single person for a paltry $5.50 per month, resulting in it sitting empty and unavailable to others most of the time … an empty “first-come, first-serve” eLocker is available to anyone who happens to need it.

    (*) 38 are at Atherton & Broadway — stations with no weekday service!!

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