By Alex Eisenhart | @AlexOnTransit

Following requests from SamTrans bicycle riders for increased storage capacity, the Board approved a contract award with Sportworks Northwest, Inc. for the purchase of up to 229 new bike racks to complete  the agency’s retrofit project that started several years back with (55) 60-ft articulated buses.  The new bike racks will have capacity to store up to three bikes at a time, compared to the current maximum of two bikes. SamTrans staff anticipate that the move will encourage bicyclists to use buses as a transportation alternative, thereby potentially reducing vehicle use on the road. SamTrans is purchasing the new racks for a fixed amount of $352,671.30.

SamTrans buses have used 2-position Sportsworks bike racks for more than 25 years with great satisfaction for the mechanism’s durability and safety. The new racks will use the same tire retention technology, maintaining consistent level of ease and familiarity for customers.

Installation of the new bike racks will begin this summer.


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