By Alex Eisenhart | @AlexOnTransit

After 15 years of service, three of Caltrain’s F40PH-2C locomotives are getting some well-deserved industrial pampering. This standard mid-life overhaul of JPBX 920, 921 & 922 is a thorough and critical maintenance process to ensure the safety, reliability and operating life of the vehicles.

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Caltrain is preparing to introduce a fleet of new electric trains, but some diesel locomotives will remain to provide service south of San Jose Diridon Station outside the operating zone for electric vehicles.

The first step of this mid-life overhaul is to disassemble the diesel engine. It’s then assessed and reconditioned, replacing parts as necessary. After a thorough inspection, the engine is reassembled. The same treatment is also applied to the major electrical components.

As for what riders will notice, the locomotive’s car body, wheels and electrical components will be restored to like-new condition.

This locomotive spa treatment began in February when the trains were shuttled by Union Pacific over the course of a month to MotivePower Inc.’s facility in Boise, Idaho. Caltrain’s newly refurbished locomotives are expected to resume service operations this summer.


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