By Dan Lieberman, @LiebermanTweets

Cirque du Soleil @ AT&T Park: My wife gets to see a fabulous looking shirtless man perform amazing acts of gymnastics whenever I drop a Cheeto behind the couch, but for those of you less lucky than her, Cirque du Soleil is performing Volta at AT&T Park through Sunday, February 3. Caltrain service will be running to San Francisco this weekend due to the College Football National Championship, but if you prefer grace to brute force, this might be a better option for you. AT&T Park is a short walk, plié and/or trapeze swing from the San Francisco Caltrain Station.

Wild Parrots @ Menlo Park: Parrots living in San Francisco is a very San Francisco thing to happen, and Jody Irving and Mark Bittner told their story beautifully in The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. They’ll be talking all things avian at Menlo Park City Council Chambers at 701 Laurel Street on Saturday, January 5, at 11 a.m. Birders, documentary buffs and pirates in need of a sidekick should flock to Caltrain and land at the Menlo Park Station, just a few blocks north of your destination.

Extra Yard 5k @ San Jose: If you tweeted #newyearnewyou and meant it, then now is the time to prove it. As part of the football festivities, the College Football Playoff Foundation is holding a fun run in downtown San Jose this Sunday, January 6. The course goes from South Market and San Salvador Streets to Cesar Chavez Plaza, so register here and prove your doubters wrong. You can get to the starting line easily from the San Jose Diridon Station, and as an added bonus, you can run knowing that all of Caltrain believes in you.

SF Service is Back: Dedicated fans of this column know that weekend service to San Francisco has been suspended due to necessary construction for Caltrain Electrification. But this weekend that suspension has itself been suspended, so you can ride the rails to your heart’s content. So go to the farmers’ market at the Ferry Building, see where Vertigo was filmed, get your heart back or live whatever other San Francisco fantasy you’ve been stashing away since September. Just remember to come back when you’re done.


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