By Dan Lieberman, @LiebermanTweets

BelHacks @ Redwood City: Back in my day, hacking involved rollerblades, secret compartments in shaving cream cans and Alan Cumming. Now any kid with a laptop can get in on the action, and that action can be found at BelHacks at Design Tech High School this weekend, November 10 to 11. The 24-hour hackathon is open to high schoolers of all skill levels, so if you want your kid to help you live your dream of retiring early, sign them up. Take Caltrain to the Belmont Station, then catch the SamTrans 260 to get you the rest of the way.

Ice Skating @ San Mateo: Halloween is over, and some of us are ready to get right into holiday season. If this is you, resist the urge to buy a tree that will drop all of its needles before Thanksgiving and head over to San Mateo’s Central Park for San Mateo on Ice. Just a short walk from the San Mateo Caltrain Station, you can find the largest outdoor ice skating rink in the Bay Area. The rink is open from Saturday, November 10, to Sunday, January 13, 2019, which should be enough time for you to learn how to stick the landing on your triple axel.

Vote: I’m on the record as being pro-democracy. As such, I’ll take the opportunity to be the 17th person today to tell you to go vote. SamTrans stands ready to get you to your polling place if that’s necessary, or you can take the 260 to go vote at the Department of Elections at 40 Tower Road (which is open as I write this on Monday morning).  Don’t be the only sucker without a cool selfie with an I Voted sticker, or you’ll be kicking yourself Wednesday morning (as will other people, depending on how things shake out).


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