Susan Humans of Caltrain

What brings you to the Bay Area?

I live in Seattle, but I grew up here so visiting friends.

I see that you have a musical instrument. What do you play?

The violin, been playing for roughly 20 years. I’m playing in a concert in Menlo Park.

How did you choose the violin?

My parents forced me to do it, and then I eventually liked it. I really started to like it when I was 13. I started playing at 4. It took a lot of bribes from parents to play.

What is it like to play in front of a big audience?

It’s terrifying. I have definitely lost a lot of my performance chops because I haven’t done it as much, but I get very nervous every time.

Do you have a routine to psych yourself up?

Nope, but I probably should, haha.





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