Jack_Humans of CT

Do you have any Fourth of July plans?

Yes, I plan on going to Redwood City to photograph their celebration. I’m an amateur photographer; I’ve been one since the 1980s.

What draws you to photography?

It gets me out of the house, it’s given me a reason to travel, a reason to go for a walk. I like the creativity of it.

What about the Redwood City event makes you want to take photos?

I like classic cars, I like photographing people at festivals and carnivals. I like photographing people enjoying those classic cars and chalk art.

Since you’ve been photographing for so long, what did you think about the transition from film to digital?

I like it. I used to shoot slides, and slides gave you whatever you got, and you had to wait a week to see what kinda mistakes you made. With digital, you can correct it right away and not worry about the cost of processing it. You don’t have to worry about buying a new roll of film, you can take distractions out you didn’t see, you can improve colors balance and contrast. It’s much more freeing and there’s a lot less anxiety.


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