Why do you choose to ride Caltrain?

 “I live in Gilroy and the traffic is just too bad for me. Driving to here (San Carlos) just takes too long. (Riding Caltrain) is pretty nice. I think it’s really relaxing, I can bring my snacks, I have friends on the train, and the conductors are really helpful, if I fall asleep they wake me up. I really like it.”

Have you done the drive on U.S. 101 recently to and from work?

“I did it on Tuesday. It was horrible; it took me two hours to get here, and another 2.5 to get home. So I was really ticked when I got home, I was not in a good mood. It usually takes me 120 minutes.”

When you think of U.S. 101, what word comes to mind?

“The F word!”



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