By Dan Lieberman, @LiebermanTweets

Cinco de Mayo: Cinco de Mayo is a holiday to celebrate the Mexican Army’s underdog victory at the Battle of Puebla (If you say its Mexican Independence Day three times while looking into a mirror, Napoleon III will appear and give you a two hour history lesson). It also means that every kind of Cinco de Mayo-themed event is happening somewhere on the Peninsula, from dance recitals to boat parties to bootcamps for some bizarre reason. As such, if you plan on imbibing to the point where you think the phrase “ is clever, please consider Caltrain, SamTrans or any other public transit option as the General Zaragoza to your President Juarez.

K-HIPHOP: Do you feel like getting in on a cultural trend before everybody’s doing it? Well, you’re probably too late to go full hipster on Korean hip-hop (It got King T’Challa’s blessing, so it’s not exactly a secret) but at the very least you can get yourself caught up at the H1ghr Music Tour at The Grand in San Francisco. Just a short walk from the San Francisco Caltrain Station, this is your opportunity to learn that throwing one’s hands in the air and waving them around like one just doesn’t care is a universal experience that transcends all material barriers.

San Mateo County Transit District Board Week: Wanna learn more about exciting developments in public transit? Then get your bad self down to the SamTrans Building at 1250 San Carlos Avenue in San Carlos for a trio of board meetings. We’ve got SamTrans (2 p.m., Wednesday the 2nd), Caltrain (10 a.m. Thursday the 3rd) and the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (5 p.m., also Thursday the 3rd), so all we need is you. We’re right next to the San Carlos Caltrain Station, so you can come see the excitement live or check out our livestream if you don’t think you can handle it.


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