By Dan Lieberman, @LiebermanTweets

Mac & Cheese: There are a few simple truths in life; the sky is blue, water is wet, and mac and cheese is delicious. This weekend, January 20 and 21, SoMa StrEat Food Park becomes a temple to this most comforting of comfort foods for the Great Mac ’n Cheese Melt-Off! And since A. they have an all you can drink admission, and B. this is the sort of event where a walk afterwards is in your best interest, Caltrain is your best option, as the San Francisco Station at 4th and King is reasonable walk away. Don’t forget your Lactaid.

America’s Got Talent Auditions: Can you fit a bowling pin up your nose? Can you solve Rubik’s cubes while juggling three of them while on a unicycle? Can you do something absurd that everyone in your life has told you is a waste of your time? Well, I can think of four people who might take your side. America’s Got Talent is holding auditions at the San Jose Convention Center this Friday, January 19. Within spitting distance of the San Jose Diridon Caltrain Station, you can show off your skills and have a chance at making Howie Mandel uncomfortable with your need for personal contact.

Women’s Marches: If you’re of a political bent and have outrage to vent (or not) and you’re headed to the Women’s March this Saturday, January 20, Caltrain is your ticket to avoiding traffic and parking related nightmares. The Women’s March San Francisco is conveniently located next to the Civic Center BART Station, easily accessible via Caltrain. If you’re headed to San Jose, you’ll also be in walking distance of the San Jose Diridon Caltrain Station. Remember, regardless of your political persuasion, good Americans use public transit.


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