By Dan Lieberman, @LiebermanTweets

NYE SF: As the dumpster fire that is 2017 comes to an end, revelers are already looking forward to celebrating its end on New Year’s Eve (Seriously, even Jeff Goldblum’s fine self is in on that action). If an evening in San Francisco is your plan, Caltrain is your ride, offering extra capacity on northbound trains in the early evening and running southbound trains until 2 a.m. And let’s not forget that open containers are allowed until 9 p.m., so pre-gamers are welcome. No one wants to start the New Year stuck in traffic on 101.

Dinner + Murder = Fun, apparently: Let’s be real; bar-hopping on NYE is an amateur hour affair. If you’re caught in that range where you feel obligated to go out on New Year’s instead of being lame but know you’re too old to get riggety-wrecked like you’re still 23, The Dinner Detective might be up your alley. Have a nice meal, figure out whodunit, and have a story to tell your coworkers next week that’s better than “I fell asleep on the couch at 10:30 waiting for that damn ball to drop”. Hey, it looked like fun on The Office.

SMCTD Closed: The offices of the San Mateo County Transit District will be closed on Monday, January 1. Before you panic, snarky blog posts about transit will be back up and running the next day. Happy New Year everybody!


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