Week In Transit

By Dan Lieberman, @LiebermanTweets

Wes Ander-Thon at the Roxie: Are you a Wes Anderson fan? Do you wish you lived in a world of right angles, pronounced color palettes and absurdly witty dialogue? The Roxie’s got you covered, as this Friday, September 15, marks the beginning of the 2nd Annual Wes Ander-thon, featuring his whole oeuvre from The Grand Budapest Hotel to Bottle Rocket, all in 35mm. Take Caltrain to Millbrae, transfer to BART, get off at 16th & Mission, watch movies, and fall in love with your manic pixie dream whoever because they’ll definitely be there. Bringing dynamite is not recommended.

Hall & Oates/Tears for Fears at SAP: Just because your kids have left the nest doesn’t mean you can’t go rock out to the music they were conceived to. This Sunday, September 17, you can see Hall & Oates and Tears for Fears at the SAP Center, just a short walk from the San Jose Diridon Station. It’ll be a good time, and you might rock so hard that you travel back in time to 1982, allowing you to take advantage of plentiful real estate and cheap Apple stock.

Ravenswood Crossing at Menlo Park: On Wednesday, September 13, the Menlo Park Complete Streets Commission will hear a presentation on the Ravenswood Avenue Railroad Crossing study. The study evaluates the feasibility of replacing the existing at-grade crossings with grade separations at Ravenswood, Oak Grove, Glenwood and Encinal Avenues. If you’re interested, City Hall is walking distance from the Menlo Park Caltrain Station, as well as SamTrans route 297.

Limited Parking at South San Francisco: The South San Francisco Caltrain Station will temporarily be losing 28 parking spaces to make room for construction equipment working on the Electrification Project. Riders are advised to adjust their commute accordingly, either by leaving earlier or taking advantage of SamTrans routes 133, 292 or 397.

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