Capelo's Barbecue

By Elizabeth Renteria, @CaltrainLiz

Seafood, Mexican, Asian Fusion, American, Pizza, Japanese, BBQ, Italian, Filipino, Indian, Korean, Malaysian, Vegan, sides, desserts, drinks…whew! Does that tell you how popular food trucks are these days?

Since 2013, the Caltrain stations in Belmont and Broadway have joined the legion of locations where folks can line-up and enjoy spectacular gourmet cuisine with soft lighting and good music. What used to be an industry for workers in remote locations has now become an in-demand business serving decadent meals in an outdoor setting for all to enjoy.

Off the Grid is a San Francisco-based food icon that encourages people to unite over the traditional family meal but with a new twist, no cooking or preparation and with a variety of choices. Spending time together with friends and family has never been easier.

Aline-Wendy & Dog Sam“I’ve been coming for two years and I love it,” said Wendy from Belmont as she enjoyed her pulled pork sandwich from popular Capelo’s Barbecue truck with her friend Aline and her dog Sam. Wendy said she fell in love with trains and she likes that she can eat dinner and watch the trains pass by.

After interviewing the ladies and noticing the popularity of Capelo’s food truck I had no other option than to try it myself. I have to say the ladies were right.  The pulled pork sandwich was, in fact, very delicious. It was the perfect end to my day.

For Wendy and Aline, and now me, enjoying the food truck was a simple choice. Departing commuters at Caltrain stations in Belmont and Burlingame at Broadway no longer have to worry about running to the grocery store or waiting in long lines to buy ingredients for the evening menu. Now, “dine-in” has a whole new meaning.

The next time you are contemplating the menu for your evening meal with your friends and family, look no further than the Caltrain stations at the Belmont and Burlingame.




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