Hello, my name is Jeremy Lipps and I am the Social Media Officer for Caltrain and SamTrans. Four years ago, I sent my first tweet here and have been dishing out bad news and witty comebacks ever since.  There have been a few significant changes here that we felt worth mentioning to our loyal social media riders.

At Caltrain and SamTrans, we take pride in our social media. And we should, as we serve many of the very people who helped create the tools and communities that are social media. Five years ago, we launched the social media program with a philosophy of honesty, transparency, style and a commitment to real-time updates. That will continue.

As we expand the team for the first time since the creation of the program, we wanted to explain what passengers can expect.

Recently we brought on a second person to join me. For almost four years, I’ve covered almost every weekday incident and delay. I’ve posted delay updates from the sidewalks of Downtown San Jose as I ride to work, from the dinner table with my family, from soccer practice, from trains and even from Disneyland once. With the addition of the new Social Media Specialist, Haroon Malek, we can split the work better, post more relevant content and solve more of your problems. And I can have a balanced life back.

We have also brought our Customer Service Call Center into the loop to handle specific issues, like maintenance, route planning or operational issues. As we bring our Customer Service team into the social media program, we look forward to expanding our coverage from weekdays, into weekend coverage. As ridership has climbed across the Caltrain system weekend service has also grown and deserves the same level of coverage.

Customer Service is adding social media to their daily operations and will sign all their responses with ^SN (the rep’s initials). Their expertise in operations and reporting will make our social program stronger, ensuring more issues get to the people who can solve them. Our customer service team are already handling weekday issues and we look to expand their coverage into weekends in the coming months.

We appreciate your continued use of Caltrain and SamTrans and we remain committed to prompt information and transparency.

Here are links to all of our social accounts for SamTrans and Caltrain.


Jeremy Lipps

Social Media Officer

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