captureYes You Can(ine) This Weekend: Doggone it, you gotta get to San Francisco this weekend to catch the Golden Gate Dog Show taking place at the Cow Palace. This canine convention is a “benched” dog show, a rare gathering in America where the four-legged participants hang out on assigned benches during their competitions as a display of their considerable discipline. The show will feature breeds of all kinds, from French Bulldogs to Dalmatians and everything between. Set at the historic Cow Palace, the dog show is just a short walk from Caltrain’s Bayshore Station, and with service running hourly on the weekend, there will be plenty of opportunities for fans to get to the event.

SPUR Tackles Affordable Housing: A lack of affordable housing is one of the most pressing social issues facing the Bay Area. Families are forced to live far from urban job centers, leading to longer commutes, more traffic congestion and increased pressure on the region’s overworked transit networks. On Tuesday, SPUR, a local think-tank, will delve into the considerable challenges that the current housing market presents. The 12:30 p.m. symposium will focus on how state policies could provide permanent funding to support affordable housing developments. The meeting will take place at the SPUR headquarters on Mission Street in San Francisco, which right around the corner from the Montgomery Street BART Station.

VTA Makes Pitch to Seniors: Many Bay Area seniors face challenging mobility issues, and without the use of the car, they can be confined to their homes. However, public transportation can be a great option for elders, although many older residents are unaware of the service offered in the region. That’s why the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority is stepping up its outreach efforts to connect with senior citizens. Over the next three months, VTA will be targeting seniors through television and radio advertisements and increased signage at station and on buses. Seniors don’t need to be limited by their transportation choices—public transit can take them all the places they need to go.

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