Every day more than 60,000 customers and 6,000 bicyclists share space on Caltrain. As Caltrain ridership continues to increase, courtesy takes on an added significance. With that in mind, Caltrain launched its “Caltrain Manners” courtesy campaign to remind customers to be aware that practicing just a few common courtesies can make commuting by transit more enjoyable for everyone.

Below are courtesy “do” behaviors suggested by Caltrain riders.

Step Aside, Let Others Off First.

Please allow people to get off the train first. Pushing past each other is rude and delays the train.

Hoarding Seats

Your bag, your folding bike, your luggage is not a person. It’s not entitled to a seat.

More room for everyone = a more pleasant ride.


Stand Up, Offer Your Seat

Seats near the doors on trains are designated “priority seats”. Please offer your seat to pregnant women, those with disabilities or seniors.

Loud Cell Phone Talking = TMI

Please keep your voice low when talking on your cell phone. Or, just send a text instead. Your personal business, well, should remain your business.


Caltrain is Not a Food Court.

The smells of your food may bother other passengers, and wrappers or other messes left behind make for an unpleasant ride for the next passenger.

Holding Doors = Delays

For safety sake keep your belongings and yourself clear of the doors when they’re closing.

No Shoes, No Feet on Seats

Your shoes are made for walking. And, it’s where you’ve been walking that concerns your fellow passenger. Please keep shoes and feet off the seats.

Wear Headphones. 

We all don’t rock, rap or hip hop to the same musical beat.


Caltrain is Not Your Personal Powder Room.  

Save your clipping and grooming for home.

Bicyclists + Bikes = Bike Car

No bike? Please select an alternate car.


Got Luggage?

Dedicated luggage racks are available in the Luggage car.

Strollers: To Fold or Not to Fold?

Fold all strollers before boarding.



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