Caltrain Tweets of the Week

All dressed up and sleeping on the go.



Probably a market there.

Thanks… wait a minute.

Caltrain Instagram of the Week

This week’s #CaltrainIG comes from @cherrystravels. Thanks for the shot!


Weekly Game Winner
This week’s game was to write a Twitter #CaltrainHalloween tweet, the one with the most retweets and likes won. A suspicious looking Jack-o-Lantern helped propel our winner’s post to victory.


It was announced that Vine will be shutting down for good soo. We wanted to share just a few of our favorites:




Most popular Facebook post of the Week

This week’s most popular Facebook post was our ongoing #HumansofCaltrain feature, which is a total lift job of the original Humans of New York (brilliant!). THis is “Scott” and he rides Caltrain. Click the image to see see the blog post: HERE.


Compiled by Jeremy Lipps, @Calif0rnio

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