By Jessica Loi

Indulge Your Inner Connoisseur: On August 18, the California Academy of Sciences invites all food-lovers to come with an empty stomach to Foodie NightLife. Beginning at 6 p.m., attendees have the chance to taste dishes made by the Bay Area’s most innovative chefs and sample delicious cuisine made only for Foodie NightLife participants. The Academy of Sciences also offers a hearty helping of culinary education to satisfy the curiosity of foodies and cooks alike. Learn more about the secrets of mixing cocktails, the art of butchery, the science behind making perfect pasta dough, and more. Savor the treats offered at Foodie NightLife responsibly by taking public transit to and from the event. After taking Caltrain to the Millbrae Transit Center, use BART services to travel to Glen Park Station in San Francisco. A short trip on Muni’s Route 44 will drop off passengers directly in front of the venue.

Enjoy a Music Series by the Water: During the summer, the city of Redwood City transports its ever-popular summer concert program to Redwood Shores for three Sundays out of the year. These events offer free music set to the serenely picturesque backdrop of a lagoon landscape. On August 21, Marlin Park is hosting its final installment to Sounds of the Shores 2016. This Sunday evening, Beach Boys party band The Rip-Tides is scheduled to perform a mix of dance, oldies, and contemporary tunes with a vintage 60s twist. Dance to the music with family and friends and partake in the available food concessions during the last Sounds of the Shores concert this year. Use public transit to get there by taking a trip into Redwood Shores on SamTrans Route 260 from the San Carlos Caltrain Station. Marlin Park is a mere five-minute walk from the stop on Bridge Parkway and Bowsprit Drive.

CV_flex3-e1471033967723AC Transit Releases Flex Bus Service: AC Transit recently announced the start of a pilot program called AC Transit Flex. A year-long trial service in the East Bay, Flex will give passengers control over their daily commute by allowing riders to schedule their pickup and drop-off locations using technology such as computers, smartphones, and traditional landlines. AC Transit Flex attempts to offer customers a reduced wait time, faster rides to destinations, and overall rider satisfaction. Two existing bus lines are being used as tester routes in the program, both of which serve a corresponding BART station. AC Transit Flex operates Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., excluding holidays.

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