“I’m taking Caltrain to San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center. It’s the biggest professional gamer show in the world. I used to make games, but now I work for a hardware company called Nvidia. We are doing lots of stuff with virtual reality. There’s this one virtual reality game called Trials on Tatooine, where you’re playing right in the desert from Star Wars, which is a pretty neat experience. I’ve been going to this conference for 15 years now, so if I throw myself back to when it started, it’s amazing to think how far this industry has come. It used to be in San Jose, and there were maybe 1/8 as many people as there are now. It was a pretty small-time affair, but now when  I go to Moscone Center, I see these huge two-story displays and companies showing off their $2 million McLaren cars. It’s become a huge business now.”

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