By Jeremy Lipps, @Digital_Lipps

All around the country, do-it-yourself ad campaigns are produced by transit agencies. Budgets are often tight, ad agencies aren’t usually an option and marketing must get done. So today, we honor some great videos done by loving and committed transit staffers. Who knew transit folks danced so much?

Safety Bounce, MBTA, Boston

The soft executive introduction belies what’s to come: the Safety Bounce.

Come On Ride the Bus, DART, Dallas

DART covers Quad City DJ’s legendary party jam, “C’Mon ‘N Ride It.” We LOVE the dance moves and the staff badges. And the rapper and vocals are pretty sweet.

Dump the Pump with OCTA, OCTA, Orange County, CA

This tale of transit homecoming is tough to beat. The epic tale of Dwayne Peterman’s journey from burdened car owner to heroic transit rider. Mr. Peterman, and OCTA, we salute you!

Bike Smart, Bike Safe – 3 Feet of Space, OCTA, Orange County

OCTA again uses humor to get their message across: give cyclists 3 feet of space. This is another great piece from OCTA.

Transform Your Commute, VTA, Santa Clara County
This cool cartoon turns traffic into an intimidating robot. But never fear, VTA’s own transforming vehicles can save the day! Nice creative effort by VTA.

VTA – We’ll Get You Going, VTA, Santa Clara County
This one’s a Bay Area Transit classic. With some impressive Bollywood choreography, VTA brings a fun and engaging message to their riders.

SamTrans – Go Where You Wanna Go, SamTrans, San Mateo County
Oh we’re all up on this list with another Bay Area Transit Classic.

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