Most weeks Caltrain and SamTrans will play games on social media with a prize awarded each week to the winner. We wanted to outline the rules for each game as we add them.

Please see General Rules at bottom of page.


We will post three images of scenes that are visible from the train or a platform. These could be buildings visible from the train between stations or something recognizable from a platform.

How to Win: The winner will be selected from all entries that correctly identify the CITY each picture was taken in. May enter by email as well at


In this game contestants are asked to identify a bus stop in a photo. Winner must include some geographical mark that shows familairity (street, nearby business, etc). All correct responses will be collected and winners will be drawn from that collection.

This game ends at Noon, on Fridays. Winners will be randomly selected from all correct answers. Can also enter by email at


This game, created by the folks at Comedy Central, asks players to riff on a topic. In our first game we offered the topic of #CaltrainMovies. Using some creative word play players come up with movie titles that have a Caltrain spin to them. A top selection was “Lawrence of Sunnyvale” combining the classic film Lawrence of Arabia with the Lawrence Caltrain Station.

How to Win: The winner will be decided by receiving the most retweets and likes on their tweet.


A classic game of trivia. Three* questions will be asked during the week. Points will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd correct answers.

*SamTrans will include one question, unless otherwise stated.

How to Win: Twitter: The twitter user with the most points after the three questions is the winner. A fourth playoff question can be used to settle a tie.

Facebook: We will post one question and randomly select one winner from all correct answers.


A question will be asked and the first two respondents will be placed in a Twitter survey. The winner will be decided by Twitter users votes in the survey.

How to Win: Get the most votes for your tweet.

General Rules:

  • At Caltrain/SamTrans we have a sense of humor and a good joke at our expense is still a good joke. We will not accept any tweets that include profanity, racism, religious intolerance or alienating language aimed at our riders. Please play nice.
  • A winner may not win again for SIX months after their previous win.
  • Prizes are determined before each game and announced. Prizes will be delivered by mail or can be picked up at 1250 San Carlos Ave, San Carlos, CA 94070. Winners will be asked to email their preference to
  • You may campaign for your tweet’s success. Although there is an element of the “Honor System” we expect contestants not to manipulate the system (by creating fake accounts to cast votes, etc)

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