What We Are Thankful For:

With the Holidays here, we asked the employees of the San Mateo County Transit District what they’re thankful for this year. Here are their responses:

Patrick MayPatrick May, Senior Contracts Officer:
Even though my daughter has gone through a divorce and now lives at home, bringing her daughter Emilie with her, this is a huge gift to my wife and myself, being able to see a second generation excitedly go through each of our holidays, losing teeth and learning about vowels- this really rejuvenates us, brings a smile to our previously quiet household and makes us wonder what condition we are leaving our planet in for future generations.

Jim KellnerJim Kellner, Project Manager, Engineering and Construction:
One of the first e-mails that I read this morning was from “D” (for Drew), my 32 year old son who hasn’t spoken (or written) to me in about 15 years.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I read, “I would like to see you at some point and have you meet Angelina (his 2 year old daughter). After the holidays are over, I was thinking that we could meet at a park and chat for a bit while the baby plays.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.”


Robert Casumbal


Robert Casumbal, Web and Creative Services:
I’m thankful for my wife and two daughters. My family is everything to me.




Melissa Wicklow, Market Development Specialist:

There’s a lot but most grateful for my family, shelter, food and a job .


Stephen ChaoStephen Chao, Deputy Director Engineering Support:
I’m thankful that my kids had the opportunity to get to know my Dad. He was 94 when he passed about 6 months ago, but he was with a sound mind up until his death. I am so thankful that my kids (ages 11, 13) had a chance to know how caring a man he was and how he always looked out for his family. He would always ask how they were doing in school and would reward them if they got good grades. I’m thankful knowing my kids’ lives were enriched by having a role model like their grandfather. Hope this helps. … I’m also thankful the Warriors won the Championship and they are doing so well now after all the years of terrible seasons!!! Go Dubs!!

Aaron MyersAaron Myers, Bus Operator, South Base:

I’m thankful for my job, my family, and my food!



Kirpal BathKirpal Bath, Mechanic A, South Base:
I’m thankful that I have a job so I can support my family.



Daniel Jimenez

Daniel Jimenez, Mechanic A, North Base:
I’m thankful for my health, which allows me to do my job. I’m also thankful that I got promoted this year to Mechanic A.


Robert SantiagoRobert Santiago, Mechanic A, North Base:
I’m thankful that I’ve been around SamTrans for so long and I’ve been able to see it grow to where it is today. I’ll be here 36 years next year, and it’s been interesting to be involved in all the changes here—it’s been an educational ride, for sure. I’ve met a lot of friends through my job, and in some way they’re like your family.

Kathy ZaldivarKathy Zaldivar, Bus Operator, North Base:
I’m thankful I have a job!



James and Anne Lee-DobellJames Dobell, Bus Operator, North Base:
SamTrans has such great employees, and they do such an amazing job hiring people, so I’m grateful to be part of this agency. Our supervisors are great, and my co-workers are awesome. I’ve been here for 35 years, and it seems like it’s flown by.

Anne Lee-Dobell, Office Technician, North Base:
I’m thankful that SamTrans hired me. Not a lot of companies hire people in their 50s, but SamTrans did, and for that, I’m grateful.


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