To celebrate Customer Service Week, which takes place from October 5 – 9, we will be profiling our frontline workers on the Peninsula Moves! Blog.

Alexis Salandanan

Alexis SalandananAlexis Salandanan admits he’s a pretty shy person, a trait that made it a little difficult for him when he first joined the Transit District as a Customer Service Representative. However, with the help of his co-workers in the customer service center, he’s helped grow the people skills that help him excel at his job.

“I’m not a very open person, and I’m maybe a little reactive instead of being proactive,” said Salandanan, who joined the Transit District last year. “But I picked up so many soft skills since I started working here. This was my first job in a professional workplace, and I’ve learned so much. It’s definitely helped me grow as a person.”

While callers can be frantic when they speak with Salandanan, he said the Transit District’s streamlined procedures to resolving issues eventually lead to customers being happy with the information they receive.

Salandanan has grown so adept at his job he’s even managed to attract some ardent fans.

“I was joking with my family the other night about how the only time I’ve ever been asked out on a date was at this job,” said Salandanan. “I helped out a guy with a lost item issue, and afterward he told me how appreciative he was. He asked where I lived and invited me over to his house to have dinner with him anytime. I said I appreciated the compliment, but politely declined the offer.”


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