To celebrate Customer Service Week, which takes place from October 5 – 9, we will be profiling our frontline workers on the Peninsula Moves! Blog.

Sarah Nabong 2Sarah Nabong

For SamTrans customer service representative Sarah Nabong, providing helpful tips and advice for the public isn’t something that stops when she steps out of the office.

“You know, I’m just a personable person,” said Nabong. “When I’m on the street and someone stops me to ask for directions, I’ll help them out, even if I’m in a rush. I want to help them get where they’re going. I started my first customer service job when I was 15, and I just found my niche here.”

Nabong handles complaints from SamTrans and Caltrain passengers, which can be difficult at times, but she looks forward to the challenge.

“It can make my job even more rewarding,” said Nabong. “If I get a customer who is upset or frustrated and I can provide them with the help they need, it means I’m doing my job well.”

Nabong relies on the best practices and successful strategies of her co-workers in the customer service center—a practice she calls “ear-hustling.”

“Oh, when I hear someone provide a response that I think will be helpful for my job, I’ll definitely start using that technique,” said Nabong. “We all help each other out here.”


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