By Jeremy Lipps, @Digital_Lipps

Our weekly feature, Tweets of the Week, has been on hiatus, mostly due to a serious spate of vacation time and some well-timed summer holidays. So, as an excuse for our time off we have decided to slap some paint on the ol’ feature and roll it out like new.


Here’s a breakdown of what people can expect from the (sorta) new format:

Tweets: We will continue to scour the infinite stream of charming #Caltrain tweets to select the funniest and most poignant comments of the week.

igct2Instagram of the Week: The Instagram images are the only part of Tweets of the Week that offer any dignity. So naturally we’ll be holding on to that little speck of artistry.

Weekly Game: As part of a new twist, each week we will host a Twitter game. The game will vary from week to week, whether it’s a freestyle riff game we stole from Comedy Central (Hello @Midnight #HashtagWars) or just regular old trivia, expect to answer the call to win free Caltrain stuff.

Account of the Week: For another new feature, we’ll highlight a social media account that we find interesting, helpful or serves our purposes.

The changes are not revolutionary, but we’re trying to keep it fresh and fun. So join in the Weekly Game, keep the funny tweets coming and train your eyes to stay peeled for that perfect shot. Thanks for riding Caltrain and we look forward to much more awesome social media fun.

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