Lillian Kivel, Social Media and Publications Manager, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Meet Caltrain rider, Carnegie Foundation Social Media Manager, and IDEO U Student Lillian Kivel (@lkivel).  Kivel is asking for your ideas about how we can #improveCaltrain.

Kivel is enrolled in the IDEO U (@ideou) online course From Ideas to Actions, which focuses on learning how to generate creative ideas and then bring those ideas to life. Each participant picks a design challenge to work on as she learns about ideating, rapid prototyping, and iterating on those ideas.

For her challenge, Kivel is focusing on the question: How might we improve the Caltrain experience for commuters. She is asking for your help in the ideating process through having an open brainstorming session via Twitter. Inspired by the words of Linus Pauling, “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas,” please join her the creative process by suggesting what ideas you have to improve your experience on the Caltrain. All ideas are appreciated, only one or two will be prototyped and there is no plans for these to be implemented across the Caltrain system.

Kivel reached out to Caltrain’s social media team to help spread the word about her project.  We said ‘yes’ because we are interested to hear all solid, sincere feedback.  There are areas upon which we can all likely agree, improvements are needed: real time data, upgrades to the TVMs, Clipper experience and mobile ticketing, more service, more bicycle access, all valid and all fronts on which we are slowly making progress.

When not flexing her creative muscles, she can be found at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching managing the organization’s social media (@Carnegiefdn) and publications.

Caltrain riders tend to be creative and solution-oriented and we’re eager to share in the results that come out of Kivel’s project.  This feedback will help to shape our priorities today and into the future. Please use the #improveCaltrain hashtag and join the conversation.

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  1. Please have conductors manage bike cars particularly during sporting events (giants, sharks etc..). People drunk laying all over bike car floors and not one conductor says anything! I’ve had a monthly pass for at least 8 yrs. Bike cars do have a function and reason they exist. Thanks

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