Upgrades in Store for South City Caltrain Station: After a decade of planning, essential safety and access upgrades are set to come to the South San Francisco Caltrain Station. Following the recent approval by the San Mateo County Transportation Authority of $49.1 million in Measure A funds for the new station, the project is fully-funded, with its opening tentatively slated for 2019. Once completed, the new South San Francisco Caltrain Station will one day have a longer center platform, improvements to the track configuration at the site and a new pedestrian underpass. The pedestrian underpass would be located near Grand Avenue, removing the obstacle of crossing tracks for passengers to get on and get off trains. The San Francisco Examiner detailed the project in a feature story on Monday.

Sink Your Tentacles Into Octopalooza: This will be the last weekend to catch Octopalooza at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco. The showcase, dedicated to everyone’s “favorite cephalopod,” features events like “Octo-Chats,” squid dissections, trivia (for instance, did you know that octopuses have nine brains?!?), and questions of myths versus facts (like that the supposed plural octopi has no etymological basis.) The exhibit, which began on February 13,will draw to a close on Sunday. Located on Pier 39 in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood, the Aquarium of the Bay is accessible by multiple Muni lines, including its historic F-Market & Wharves streetcars.

San Mateo Plans for the Future. The Real-Distant Future: The City of San Mateo is poised to approve a Sustainable Streets Plan that will serve as a policy guide for the next 50 years of planning. Yep, that would be 5-0 as in a half-century. The plan will include pedestrian enhancements, new bike lanes, and, potentially, eliminating a lane of traffic on El Camino Real. The project is aimed at achieving a Vision Zero goal—an ambitious objective stating the that the loss of any life, whether it be a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist or public transit passenger, is unacceptable.


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