By Will Reisman, @WillReisman

IMG_3681Chronicle Op-Ed Highlights Caltrain Commuter Coalition: The San Francisco Chronicle ran an op-ed Sunday about the Caltrain Commuter Coalition, a partnership between public and private entities aimed at advocating for the improvement of the Caltrain system. Penned by Rosemary Foust, Carl Guardino and Jim Wunderman, the heads of the San Mateo County Economic Development Association, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Bay Area Council, respectively, the op-ed lays out the importance of providing support for Caltrain, at a time when the commuter rail system is experiencing unprecedented ridership growth and embarking on an ambitious modernization project.

Antiquarian Book Festival: I get it—a title like the “48th California International Antiquarian Book Fair” may be a touch off-putting (how can a festival be both California and International, and what exactly is “Antiquarian?”) Still, this big literature event taking place in Oakland from Friday through Sunday will feature over 200 booksellers from 33 different countries and is billed as one of the world’s largest and most prestigious exhibitions of rare books. That’s some pretty hefty praise. Taking place at the Oakland Marriot City Center, the event is just a few blocks away from the 12th Street Oakland/City Center BART Station. Attendees should have plenty of reading material for the train trip home.

VTA Reaching Out to Public About BART Extension: The BART extension to Milpitas and Berryessa is just two years away, and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority—the lead agency on the project—is working with the public to make sure the new service integrates seamlessly with its existing network. VTA is developing its BART Transit Integration Plan, which will focus on how the agency’s light-rail and bus networks work with the new stations. As part of the transit integration plan, VTA is reaching out to its customers through a public participation survey, which aims to collect more information about passenger travel patterns in the area.

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