By Jeremy Lipps, @Digital_Lipps

Freedom of mobility is a valuable thing. Nobody knows that more than 66-year-old John Moore Sr. John travels the United States testing out public transit programs available to seniors., All of John’s travels are documented in his newsletter, The Travelin’ Grampa, where he shares his stories of using public transit as a senior.

The theme of his March issue was the lost and found, inspired by his surprise at retrieving a lost bag from SEPTA, Philadelphia’s transit system. He also describes senior programs in Paris and on Washington’s MetroRail and MetroBus. Grampa, as he calls himself, also recently visited the new Transbay Terminal, still under construction in San Francisco.


It was Grampa’s June issue that really caught our attention as he put our favorite transit systems, Caltrain and SamTrans, under his well-travelled eye. Grampa says when in the Bay Area he always uses the Senior Clipper Card, which offers a handy discount. Grampa also called out SamTrans’ recently reduced Day Passes, only $2.50 for eligible seniors.

Mobility Ambassadors

SamTrans offers more than a discount for seniors. Our Mobility Ambassador Program puts seniors and others who may have mobility challenges in touch with friendly volunteers who provide travel training.  This unique program gives people a chance to discover the ease and convenience of public transit in San Mateo County and beyond.

“The MAP was designed to offer free information about transportation options that work for individuals and families in San Mateo County,” said Jean Conger, director of the Senior Mobility Program. “Trained volunteer ambassadors provide the information and then help people learn to ride the transit systems that work for them.”

With the mission of keeping seniors on the go and connected to their communities, mobility ambassadors take their students on SamTrans buses and Caltrain rail to learn the ropes of getting around without a car. Ambassadors also help to point out the many hidden tools that can help make travel for seniors safer and easier than ever. If you or someone you know could benefit from the Mobility Ambassador Program, please contact Jean Conger at 650-508-6362 or

Download Travelin’ Grampa’s March, 2014 issue below:


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