By Will Reisman, @WillReisman

New Bus Stop Design - 2014SamTrans knows that bullying doesn’t stop in the playground or the classroom. That’s why the bus agency is urging its passengers to heed the “See Something, Say Something,” motto as an effective tool to end bullying on public transit vehicles.

SamTrans’ number one priority is to ensure the safety and security of its passengers and bus operators are obligated to alert transit police about any onboard incidents. However, since the operators’ primary responsibility is to drive the bus safely, sometimes passengers need to be the eyes and ears for SamTrans.

If riders notice a fellow passenger being picked on, bullied, verbally abused or any other forms of disruptive behavior, they should tell the operator immediately or call the Transit Police at 1-877-723-7245. This responsibility could fall on students, parents, school teachers, or any other passengers who witness something inappropriate.

When an incident is reported, Transit Police will initiate an investigation and will take appropriate action to resolve it. Non-emergency issues can be reported online at

SamTrans serves nearly 80 schools in the Peninsula, ranging from elementary schools to college. Plenty of students ride the bus and are expected to behave respectfully. If there are repeated issues, bus operators can meet with schools officials to address those problems.

SamTrans has installed onboard audio and video equipment to ensure that passengers are travelling under safe conditions. While those are essential tools, it’s also extremely important for SamTrans passengers to remember this important saying: If you See Something, Say Something.

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