by Jayme Ackemann, @JaymeAckemann

It’s here!  SamTrans newest route is now serving customers at stops up and down El Camino Real.  While it may seem easier-to-use for the customer, it’s no small effort rolling out a major service change in the few short months since the board of directors approved the ECR as part of the SamTrans Service Plan (SSP) in May.

Most of the SSP changes are scheduled to take place in January 2014, but knowing the many benefits SamTrans customers will enjoy with the new ECR staff was eager to place the route into service as soon as possible.  After all, who wants to wait for a service that’s more reliable, more frequent and easier for customers to understand.

We documented the runbook launch process with a short video that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make major service changes along SamTrans most heavily used corridor.

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