By Christine Dunn, @VtownCommuter

Recently, a random internet search turned up Def Bound, a local rap artist, and his mixed tape, SamTrans 390. Imagine how thrilled we were to discover that we were cool– kinda.

Join us on Route 390 to hear what Def Bound has to say about riding the bus.

How long have you been riding SamTrans?
Since I was in fifth grade. I was about 10 years old when I started. My mother worked full time and she worked in the morning so I would have to get to school, and that’s how I started. She taught me how to ride the bus. I don’t remember what number it was but it was in San Mateo. That’s my first experience and that’s how I got used to it and I kind of became an expert. I can get anywhere on the bus. I’m very flexible with that now.

Def Bound
Def Bound recently released his mixed tape, SamTrans390, from Fulminate Records.

Do you use a Clipper card?
Yeah I do. It’s convenient and it’s better than carrying around change or dollars all the time.

Why did you choose the 390 as an inspiration?
It’s my local bus and because I write all my lyrics on the bus. And just cause there’s good and bad that goes with it. You know there are the annoying people that sit next to you, there’s the fact that it’s inflexible sometimes. A trip that would normally take 20 minutes you have to block out a whole two hours of your day. But then there’s the good. There’s the time I just sit here and write, it gives me time to reflect on life.

Next week, Def Bound discusses how he develops his recordings and what inspires him.

WARNING: Adult language. Def Bound – Courtesy of Kings from the SamTrans390 mixtape.

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